CAMELION fused glass jewelry pendant with necklace

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CAMELEON is a fused glass jewelry pendant with necklace.The creation of this unique pendant with colors that reflect such depth and dimension is just amazing, It changes colors like a cameleon!

Building on a base of deep and rich transparent cobalt blue, I strived to create a piece that would be unisex in composition. Casual yet elegant and versatile in every adorning way for a man or a woman. It is exceptionally beautiful in sun light with reflections of deep cobalt blue, royal blues, turquoise, purples, bright lime green and a hint of iridescent metallics show off the depth of this striking pendant.

It is a smooth surface full fuse cabochon consisting of 4 layers of glass., kiln fired 4 times up to 1500 F and cold worked to achieve crisp straight edges. The fine black striping inside the pendant are actual individual pieces of glass set in a crosshatched pattern giving the pendant a slight on the wild nature side look.

The more I worked refining this pendant, and admiring it's changing colors in the light, the more it reminded me of a reptilian piece. Cameleon like in the shift and change of it's colors, like a CAMELEON. So it is titled.

Pendant measures: 2 inches long x 1 1/4 inches wide. Length including the bail: 2 1/4 inches
Height and Width of bail eye: 1/4 inch x 3/8 inch
(allows you to change your necklace chain easily if you desire)
Length of silver snake chain necklace: Adjustable 16 to 18 inches

Artist signed and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity.

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